Shady Oaks Manor - Residential Eldercare

About Us

    Rick and Marilyn Lundberg have nearly 20 years experience in caring for the elderly and mentally challenged adults.  In Minnesota, they used their home and 13 acre farm as an adult foster care facility, providing around the clock supervision and care for both men and women for several years, until moving to San Antonio.


    In addition to the adult foster care, they volunteered several evenings per week at homeless shelters and New Hope Center ( a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center) in Minneapolis.  They continued to work with the homeless after moving to San Antonio in 1998, along with mission trips to Monterrey and Mexico City for several years.


    Feeling that God was moving them into a different direction, they founded Hill Country Manor.  Hill Country Manor was a residential eldercare home in extreme north central San Antonio.  Upon filling that home with residents, and still wanting to meet the needs of other families, they acquired another home less than a mile away and started up Shady Oaks Manor.  After several months that home was also filled with elderly residents suffering from Alzheimers, Dimentia, Schitzoprenia, and physical handicaps.


    Unfortunately, there were deed restrictions on both properties which prevented them from taking both homes to the next level.  After months of searching for property, they came across a small farmstead in Fischer, TX, which met all of their needs.  A little further out from San Antonio, and required some downsizing, but suited their long term goals.  With oaks that are approximately 300 years old the name Shady Oaks Manor was a natural fit.


    The photos below give you a preview of the peaceful surroundings your loved one will enjoy, as we care for them as if they were family.

Front Elevation
Front Elevation
East Elevation
Living Room
Dining Room
Larger Bedroom
Larger Bedroom
Private Bath for Larger Bedroom
Looking north across the canyon
Looking North
"Buffy" - Everyones Friend
Looking West
Looking Northwest
Looking West
Looking South down the Driveway
Lord Alexander
Chicks in the Coop
Prickly Pear Cactus Flower