Shady Oaks Manor - Residential Eldercare


    Shady Oaks Manor has chosen a peaceful and relaxing rural setting for your loved one to enjoy.  Just a short drive north of San Antonio, in the Hill Country, is a small farmstead near Canyon Lake. 
    We have room for 3 residents, long term or short term.  Your loved one will be cared for in our residential eldercare home by our experienced 24/7 staff. 
    Your loved one can relax in their private room or they can socialize with other residents, in the living room, on the large porch, or in the dining room.  Take a stroll around the grounds.  This is a farmstead, with cattle, gardens, greenhouse, vineyard, and free range chickens.  In addition we occasionally see deer, rabbits, and wild turkeys. 
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A few chickens looking toward the canyon to the north